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BUZZ, Son of a actor's life for me

American Theatre of Actors, Sargent Theatre, 314 West 54th Street  3/23/2017 to 4/2/2017

The quest for a plot! The glamour of despair! A tale of love and honey... 'BUZZ, Son of a actor's life for me' is an effervescent new musical comedy that joyfully weaves together the lives of eight individuals. As they quest to find their home in the Theatre, they stumble upon an unusual ...
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The Hive , 20 Cook St  3/23/2017 to 4/2/2017

Hit The Lights! presents WHALES/artwork by Casey Scott Leach
Hit the Lights! Theater Co. is pleased to present the NYC premiere of WHALES. Using handmade shadow puppets, vintage overhead projectors, and punk rock music, Hit the Lights! invites you to catch a glimpse of the world that brought us a certain legendary white whale and the men that hunt him. ...
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Under St Marks, 94 St Marks Place  3/9/2017 to 3/25/2017

Nat Cassidy & Hollis James Photo credit Jody Christopherson
A dark comedy about about a guy named Jack, his friend Kyle, and Kyle's friend cocaine. Thanks to his new friends, Jack's life quickly begins to spiral out of control. He loses his job, his girlfriend, his health, and all sense of personal hygiene. Will Jack find the strength to get his life back on...
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Enchanted April

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Jones Auditorum, 7 W. 55th St, 3rd Floor  3/17/2017 to 3/26/2017
Romantic comedy set in post-WW1 London and Italy...
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King Lear

Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  3/23/2017 to 4/9/2017

The Secret Theatre brings King Lear into a world of New York City’s wealthy elite real estate titans. King Lear, suffering the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease, must divide his empire amongst his feuding children, while wrestling with his own mortality....
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Dead Man's Dinner

Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue   3/23/2017 to 4/9/2017

Graphic Design: Lindsay Famula Becker
After ten years of siege, three women are trapped in the middle of the most dangerous war zone in the world: the Upper West Side. In a frigid rent-stabilized apartment, Olympia and her daughter Petra have spent years surviving any way they can. When Petra falls in love with Jackie, an injured soldie...
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Sweet Bird of Youth

Gallery Players of Park Slope, 199 14th Street (btw 4th & 5th)  2/12/2017 to 3/25/2017
Its two central characters are the Princess, an aging motion picture actress in flight from her latest screen disaster, and Chance Wayne, a young hustler whom she has picked up. Taking advantage of her drunkenness and his youth and good looks, he manages to lure her to the Southern town of his birth...
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Through the Darkness

Workshop Theater, 312 West 36th Street   3/9/2017 to 4/1/2017

Through the Darkness
Through the Darkness recounts the unimaginable journeys and true stories of four courageous men and women who left everything behind, including their loved ones, so that they might stay one step ahead of the Holocaust. Three of the four characters managed to avoid the horrors of the concentration c...
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Three Sisters

Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  3/23/2017 to 4/1/2017

“I don’t think there exists a town so dull and boring it didn’t have a need for intelligent, educated people. All right, let’s suppose there are only three people like you. Of course you won’t be able to overcome the masses. But you will have some influence. After you’ve gone there will be six more ...
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Grand Hall (@ St. Mary's Church), 440 Grand Street  3/3/2017 to 3/25/2017
An original play about the purported relationship between novelist Mary McCarthy and the influential academic Paul de Man....
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Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue   3/30/2017 to 4/9/2017

Twelve abandoned beings try to figure out their present and the future, but eventually subdue to their fate. Blind, the adaptation of Maeterlinck’s same titled play, is a contemporary fable to address the issue of social engagement in the current society...
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New Stage Performance Space, 36 West 106th Street  3/31/2017 to 4/30/2017

Artwork by Chris Sharp
ldiko Nemeth and the New Stage Theatre Company are pleased to present this of-the-moment performance piece that channels the anxiety of our time. Based on the play The Rules by Charles L. Mee, and faithful to Mee's collage style approach to drama, Rules brings together voices of the marginalized, ob...
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Rare Birds

14th Street Y, The, 344 E. 14th Street  3/23/2017 to 4/9/2017

The worst thing you can do in high school is admit you love something. A play about adolescent violence and your mother's new boyfriend....
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Koalas are Dicks

Theatre 54, 244 W. 54th St., 12th Floor  4/6/2017 to 4/15/2017

Brody, America's favorite koala, has stormed off the set of his hit sitcom. Holed up in a sleazy LAX motel, he's got enough booze and drugs to last for months. Desperate to get him back on track, his agent, wrangler, and co-star try to make him see reason. But is their concern for Brody's future? ...
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Marty's Shadow

Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street  3/8/2017 to 4/1/2017

Therese and Gabriel - Ivette Dumeng and Jimi Stanton - Photo by Jonathan Slaff
Jealous brothers, a beautiful woman and a loaded rifle in Paris after the Liberation: Stig Dagerman's post-war psychological thriller, younger brother Gabriel struggles with the memory of his older brother Marty, a slain Resistance hero, for the love of femme fatale Therese. All that stands between ...
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The Worth of Women

Access Gallery, 380 Broadway, 4th floor  3/31/2017 to 4/9/2017
From a 1600 text by Moderata Fonte, seven women dialoging about gender equality and the responsibility of husbands, fathers, sons and lovers....
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The Conspiracists

IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  4/22/2017 to 5/7/2017

Set in a church basement, this World Premiere Play follows an Under-35 Conspiracy Theorists Support Group as they wrestle with their convictions, perceptions and each other’s personalities. THE CONSPIRACISTS reveals how much we are influenced by other people, and how little we think we are....
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The Reckless Season

Theaterlab at 36th Street, 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor  4/21/2017 to 5/7/2017

It’s 2008 in small town USA, and there is nothing Norman Rockwell about it. Lisa and Simon used to be soldiers, but they're trying to put all that behind them. Except Simon's mother just committed suicide, Lisa's marriage is falling apart, the local meth dealer won't leave them alone and the only c...
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The Little Mermaid - the musical

Players Theatre & Players Loft, 115 MacDougal St.  3/18/2017 to 4/23/2017

The Fish Witch is just Misunderstood
A musical adaptation of the classic story by Hans Christian Anderson ...
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IATI Theater, 64 E. 4th St.   3/26/2017 to 4/16/2017

Image by Evan Sargent
Gazoline is a reflection of today’s sociopolitical climate in New York. Five millennials of Latino descent are at a crossroads: do they fight to stop the world’s chaos and claim peace, opportunity and justice for all, or do they embrace the status quo and remain passive observers in a world that se...
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That True Phoenix

Access Theater Black Box, 380 Broadway, 4th Floor  4/21/2017 to 5/7/2017
That True Phoenix is the story of Lorenzo Da Ponte: the most interesting man you’ve never heard of. Far more than just the Librettist for Mozart’s greatest Operas, Da Ponte still ended up as a mere footnote in history. Based on his own highly embellished memoirs, That True Phoenix chronicles Da Pont...
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Child's Play

Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  4/13/2017 to 4/23/2017

N-K Photography
How do you prepare a little girl to slay a dragon? The play centers around a traumatized child who has stopped speaking is helped by a therapist who struggles to peel back the layers of mistrust by entering the internal world of this little girl to help her confront the dragon that has stolen h...
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