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The Infinite Wrench

Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  9/29/2017 to 5/26/2018

The Infinite Wrench is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for a live audience. Each play offers something different, be it funny, profound, elegant, disgusting, topical, irrelevant, terrifying, or a song; all are truthful and tackle the here-and-now, inspired by the lived exper...
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14th Street Y, The, 344 E. 14th Street  4/7/2018 to 4/21/2018

WE ARE A MASTERPIECE takes place at the dawn of the AIDS crisis, when the disease was still a mystery. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Joan, a no-nonsense nurse, becomes a sort of fairy godmother to the town’s gay community when no one else will step up to care for them as they die one by one. She becomes...
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Wind-Up Variations

Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  4/19/2018 to 5/12/2018

Wind-Up Variations Directed & Written by Rob Neill Performed by Ayun Halliday, Eevin Hartsough*, Daniel Mirsky, and T Thompson Stage Manager: Ashley DeLuke Assistant Stage Manager: Conor Bartram Video & Projections: Lauren Parrish Costume Designer: Sarah Snider Sound Designer: Anthony Dean G...
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The Center at West Park, 165 W 86th St.   4/5/2018 to 4/21/2018

Original photography Yvonne Allaway
The great Baroque painters Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi confess their sins to a heavenly priest in purgatory. Gentileschi recounts her notorious rape and torture in order to reclaim her legacy and fully illuminate her brilliant life and art. Caravaggio, confused after his own brutal...
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IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  4/20/2018 to 4/28/2018

In this post modern fever dream of Madame Bovary, Flaubert's 19th century protofeminist masterpiece collides with retro Americana and a future that's female. Emma Bovary's voracious desire cracks the facade of domestic life, unleashing a flood that challenges the constructs of femininity. ...
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New York Theatre Workshop's 4th Street Theatre, 83 East 4th Street  3/14/2018 to 5/5/2018
Funerals are for the living. What happened, why, who did it and how — none of that matters in the moments before. ZÜRICH is a play about the moments before, as hotel guests enjoy the last moments of their private, awkward, funny and not-so-funny lives. A series of two-handers, strangers struggle wit...
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Letters in the Dirt

Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  4/11/2018 to 4/28/2018
Structured like a game and a ritual, this immersive and playfully surreal piece invites the audience to help guide a child killed during a botched police raid through her most precious memories to an understanding of her own death....
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The Game's Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, Jones Auditorum, 7 W. 55th St, 3rd Floor  4/19/2018 to 4/29/2018
Mystery-comedy by Ken Ludwig...
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City Girls and Desperadoes

Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue   3/23/2018 to 4/22/2018

There's Blood All Over My Birthday Cake!
NYC 1978 - 1979 a rag-tag band of accidental outlaws at war with their pasts explodes with high rolling, high risk relationships and the altered state that love in its most extreme form engenders, an intoxication that is as mind altering as any pharmaceutical....
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Gallery Players of Park Slope, 199 14th Street (btw 4th & 5th)  4/21/2018 to 5/13/2018
Chess is an epic story set at the height of the Cold War, where two great chess masters—an American and a Russian—meet in Bangkok to battle for the world championship... but their greatest contest is for the love of one woman. ...
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The Spring Fling: Chemistry

IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St., 3rd floor  5/3/2018 to 5/13/2018

Back for YEAR EIGHT, the critically acclaimed, award-winning collection of world-premiere plays returns with seven, brand new, commissioned selections! This year, a fresh batch of lauded playwrights riff on the theme of "Chemistry."...
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Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  4/24/2018 to 5/13/2018

The Seeing Place presents a world premiere adaptation of Sophocles tragic story - THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE. A modern take on the classic myth, this new play explores a rebel daughter taking on the patriarchy: will she lose her life when she breaks Theban law by burying her dead brother's body against ...
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Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  4/25/2018 to 5/13/2018

On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, a twenty-three-year-old American, was crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer in Gaza as she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. In the three sold-out London runs since its Royal Court premiere, the piece has been surrounded by both con...
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I AM MY OWN WIFE by Doug Wright

Paradise Factory Theatre, 64 E 4th Street  4/25/2018 to 5/13/2018

Based on a true story, and inspired by interviews conducted by the playwright over several years, I AM MY OWN WIFE tells the fascinating tale of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a real-life German transvestite who managed to survive both the Nazi onslaught and the repressive East German Communist regime. Wi...
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Secret Theatre, 44-02 23rd St.  5/3/2018 to 5/13/2018

A play that reflects on school shooting tragedies, particularly Columbine High School. Discussions on alienation, peer pressure, and teen emotions are included. Featuring Loner, Rebel, Jock, Freak, AP, Perfect, Faith, and Prep. ...
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New Stage Performance Space, 36 West 106th Street  4/19/2018 to 5/5/2018
Rechnitz, by Nobel Prize-winning Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek, is a cerebral work examining the silence around an actual event of mind-boggling evil. In the spring of 1945, with the Russian army only a few miles away, Countess Margit von Battyany hosted a party at her castle in Rechnitz, nea...
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The Jewish King Lear

Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 E 4th Street  4/29/2018 to 5/27/2018

Jacob Gordin
In Ruth Gay's English translation of Jacob Gordin's groundbreaking 1892 Yiddish drama, Reb Dovidl Moysheles divides his estate among his three daughters before his move to Israel, leaving himself vulnerable to the same pitfalls of betrayal and madness as Shakespeare's Lear, but with an updated twist...
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Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street  5/2/2018 to 5/19/2018
The beauty of Obscura is that it isn't obscured at all. Whereas other magicians go to elaborate lengths to misdirect the audience's attention, illusionist Christian Cagigal performs right under the unblinking eye of a video camera -- his wonder-working projected on a giant screen above him in real t...
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DeSotelle Studio, NuBox Theater, 754 Ninth Avenue, 4th Floor  4/28/2018 to 5/13/2018
"Sex to Change the Course of the World"—a grad student's online personal ad lures a mysterious journalism student to his subterranean research lab under the pretense of an evening of "no strings attached" sex. But when a major global catastrophic event strikes the planet, their date takes on evoluti...
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Lost Adult: Answers to Any Name

Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave.  5/3/2018 to 5/12/2018
Welcome to a world where hipster butchers are so humane, they wait for free range livestock to die of natural causes. Where surreal job interviews lead to fast food management stints. Where a career as a financial advisor ends in a letter to clients about being duct taped to your bed with a padlock...
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The Weekend Will End

Theatre 54, 244 W. 54th St., 12th Floor  4/26/2018 to 5/6/2018

Jake was looking forward to this weekend. He’s invited some new friends over to his house for relaxation and fun. But when his sister Katie shows up unannounced late Friday afternoon, he must do whatever it takes to get her to leave. Why is Jake hesitant to let his sister meet his friends; why is Ka...
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Mangled Beams

A.R.T./New York Gural Theatre, 502 W 53rd Street  4/14/2018 to 4/29/2018

L-R Greg Seage, John Scott-Richardson Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design
A new play by Native playwright Dawn Jamieson(Cayuga). Rather than one man's quest for meaning, Mangled Beams is a play about "A People". It's the first play about the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)high beam walkers involvement in the cleanup at Ground Zero after 9/11. As four men wait for work at the un...
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APACNY, 34-12 36th St. Ste 1/232  5/3/2018 to 5/26/2018
Before their former theater is demolished, the “Weismann Follies” showgirls reunite to reconnect and sing and dance their old numbers. Featuring some of Sondheim’s most well-known songs, including “Losing My Mind,” “I’m Still Here,” and “Broadway Baby,” Follies juxtaposes innocence with sophisticati...
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The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St.  5/1/2018 to 5/13/2018
In Patrick’s version of ‘the greatest story ever told,’ Mary is the political revolutionary mother of a reluctant pacifist 30-year old prophet; Pilate is the urbane, witty and reasonable Prefect of the Roman Province of Judea, and Judas is a young man who is a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth and the p...
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The Winter's Tale

Riverbank State Park Ampitheater, 679 Riverside Dr  5/5/2018 to 5/27/2018
Shakespeare's classic story. When a jealous king suspects his wife of adultery, he and his entire kingdom must decide what is true and what is self-deception....
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Old Names for Wildflower

The Tank, 151 West 46th Street  5/12/2018 to 5/25/2018

The Civil War is over, but the scabs it left still itch. A fox stalks the clearing behind the Auberts home, hunting chickens. A love triangle goes horribly wrong, and a family is destroyed. The pieces cannot be put back together: the survivors must build something new. In the absence of God, communi...
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